What Shibani’s Reading: The Artist’s Way

This book has been recommended to me by a handful of people over the years. I am finally heeding the call to read The Artist’s Way and write “morning pages.”

The Artist’s Way is isn’t just for so-called “artists” but for anyone who has ideas that need gestating and development. I have a book within me – requiring creativity and thought. I also have a business plan that needs some articulation. Both benefit from the techniques of this book.

To get from vision to execution of an idea takes a lot of work – that’s where The Artist’s Way comes in for me. There are some parts of Julia Cameron’s methods that are on the verge of new age-y. Disregard the passages that bother you and stick to the methodology, the written exercises and the free-flowing writing.

Every morning.

Before coffee. Before meditation. Before putting on my contacts. I write about whatever is on my mind. It could be a dream, idea or random thought I am experiencing. The idea is to write without pause or thought.

My morning pages

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way says this is the way to unlocking spiritually backed creativity. By writing 3 pages each morning, long hand upon waking you unfold an unconscious creative process.

And so the journey begins.

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