What Shibani’s Reading: ‘How to Heal Toxic Thoughts’ by Sandra Ingerman

My blog writing and IG posts reveal much about the themes I’m focused on in a given month. These days, I’ve been curious about recurring thoughts and themes and how they may not be helpful in creating inner peace and a life in outer alignment.

Positive affirmations have gained popularity in practice for many and reciting them are part of my lifestyle now. But what about the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs swirling through our heads? Are they not also affirmations, just to the negative? How many more times do old themes, thoughts and criticisms pop up in our minds compared with the times we intentionally plant positive ones? In my life, there is no comparison. I have unhelpful thoughts running through my head 100x more than positive ones. That’s why I’m exploring how I can address this habit.

That inquiry is what drew me to Sandra Ingerman’s book at my favorite bookstore in NYC.

Sandra Ingerman is a therapist and shamanic practitioner that brings a blended approach to dealing with negative emotions. She combines scientifically tested techniques like meditation and visualization to address the core issues around negative thinking (something we all do and is a human adaptation for survival).

She also brings in other modalities, includes those from her shamanic background, to give a wide array of approaches to addressing very human tendencies over which we have some control. The book is short and her guidance is simple. What I enjoyed most about the book is the thoughtful blend of behavioral and mindful approaches, so that you can experiment with what works for you.

You can get her book here.

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