What Shibani’s Reading: The Upgrade by Dr. Louann Brizendine

I have been obsessively reading about exercise, nutrition and hormones recently. I have been into the work of Dr. Mindy Pelz, who has written a book on how women can sync fasting windows with hormone levels for better results, and Dr. Stephanie Estima, who believes workouts should vary based on where we are within our cycles.  As Dr. Estima says, hormones are a woman’s superpower. Both prescribe varied fasting windows, diets and exercise types that move in sync with our hormones.

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I love this new body of research that gives credence to what women intuitively know: our hormones impact us profoundly. They are not something to plow through or to ignore. That’s what prompted me to read The Upgrade, to learn more about how hormones impact our bodies, minds and choices through our life. 

In her book, The Upgrade, Dr. Brizendine provides both a scientific and psychological perspective on how hormones impact women particularly during childbearing years and after.  She’s both an M.D. and psychiatrist with a San Francisco-based clinic and has seen thousands of female patients. She combines her background and clinical experience with real-world anecdotes of her female patients. She believes that as we age, women’s brains are reshaped, for the better, in a way that creates new power, a bracing clarity, and a laser-like sense of purpose.  

Dr. Brizendine has a catalog of books focused on how hormones impact both the female and male brains. In this particular book, she provides science-backed advice for: 

  • Hormones: What to ask your doctor to test, supplement and why
  • Exercise: Leg strength correlates directly with healthy brain function at age 80
  • Sleep: How to achieve healthy rest during challenging transitions
  • Brain health: Fueling and maintaining cognitive function for decades with detailed advice on sugar, alcohol and inflammatory foods

“This is an important book. I want all women to read it. I wish I had read it years ago!”

Jane Fonda

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