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10 Tips From My Sheltering In Place To Share Ahead of Yours

Want to know what part of your life will change during a shelter in place directive? Here’s my experience from a few days of sheltering in place in the Bay Area for those of you in SoCal, NYC and others facing the same.

1. Don’t worry, the food hasn’t run out for us-

Ahead of the directive I had purchased enough fresh food for 5-7-9 days,  (a normal week’s shopping) + 2 weeks worth of non-perishables, and I was more than good.  But the kids are eating at a rapid pace, so we are going through food faster. Instacart, Amazon, Good Eggs, etc currently all still work.  The issue is that around the time of the directive, everyone runs to the stores and they run short of basics and do so early AMs, so you end up with 1/2 your list or won’t get it for 3 days if delivered.  That panic rush doesn’t last too long. Today at Whole Foods, the employees shared that things were insane until Wednesday (a few days after the directive was announced).  Today, there were 20 people in the store – max – and the store was well stocked (as you see). Let’s hope that continues.  Make sure you have what you need. You will end up back at the store for some specific items, bring your own Clorox wipes for the cart. Panicked, crowded stores + you = no bueno. 

2. Go to the library and get LOTS of books for your kids before they close.

I wish I had done that – both for myself and my kids.

3. Amazon, UPS, Fed Ex, USPS (and even Nordstrom, ahem) all work fine.  Yes, your garbage still gets picked up. 

4. It is ok to go out for walks and into open areas.

You can still go to large, open spaces, soccer fields, for a walk with your dog in the neighborhood, etc. And you will want to many times a day -for fresh air, clear heads. Also, saying hi to someone walking across the street, the opposite direction is the only social interaction you will have and you will crave it. 

5. I should have made those darned beauty appointments.

Might sound vain, but I wish I had gotten my hair colored, my eyebrows threaded and my nails cleaned up. I don’t want to screw up my hair with a random kit bought online. Get your dry cleaning back. Small casualties, I know. 

6. Buy the brands you can’t live without.

If you love particular brands of vitamins, toiletries, tampons, diapers, ANY immunity boosting stuff, methylated vitamins, mycoshield, etc – get them now.  They don’t replenish these as quickly.

7. Stock up on meds.

Have tylenol, cough syrup, a thermometer, tissues, prescription meds for 3 months and other basics on hand so you don’t have to go to CVS to ease symptoms of a cold, flu or…whatever else.  

8. Keep your schedule going.

Wake up and sleep like you are going to work and kids going to school. Wearing PJs at noon helps no one.

8.  Support local businesses before and after.

Try to keep your memberships going where you can, buy gift cards and order delivery at local restaurants.  Some places like local book stores remain open for phone orders and pick up at the doorstep.  

9. Socialize online.

Set up Zoom/group FaceTime/Google Hangouts with friends and family.  Despite the juggling act it requires and screaming kids in the background, the social contact helps your spirit and boosts your immunity.  

10. Lower expectations…like 30-ish%

That’s hard for me and probably you. But finding ways to enjoy your family, slow down, learn more about yourself in hard times is a gift. How much tv did you watch as a kid? Probably more than your kids do now. So, just be at peace with the increased screen time. 

Time to rise to the challenge.

Surrender – a little. But don’t let it all go. It is your job now to ensure your kids are learning everyday, no matter how hard it is. Don’t drink wine every night if you didn’t before. Don’t quit working out (see my post on my fave online workout sites). Wake up early. Don’t stop working on your next big idea. Rise to the challenge. 

Ease up a little while still keeping it together! We can and will get through this.  
Be safe. Be well.


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