Affirmations and Tips To Help Ease Coronavirus Anxiety

You handwash. Your fridge is stocked. You have sanitizer in your car. You are prepared for the battle against coronavirus. But your mind is still uneasy. Even in being prepared, some of us are feeling coronavirus anxiety. I know I worry at times. So, I searched for tools to support for myself in these moments – and wanted to share them with you.

I don’t know what it is like in your community. But here in the Bay Area, where the number of coronavirus cases are on the rise, there is an eerie sense of covert preparation around town. Companies like Facebook and Amazon are asking employees to work from home. Masks abound. The kids’ school has sent out details of preparedness plans. Even my daughter’s soccer club has informed us that players are not to give high 5s after the game this weekend.

As the number of these types of emails goes up, so does my anxiety.

Some days I feel that I am waiting for coronavirus to arrive at my doorstep, as if it were an Amazon package. I am waiting for something to happen but don’t know what, how or when.

And this bothers me. If you are reading this, chances are that you are feeling anxious about coronavirus, as well. Preparedness and good hygiene are essential and cannot be replaced. But, action-oriented, spiritually-affirming techniques can also help your mental mindset. If your worries are overwhelming, please seek advice from a mental health professional.

I had a conversation with my spiritual teacher today in search of solutions for me that I want to share you:

  1. Face the hard, ultimate truth that we are not in control – if we are honest with ourselves, this is the ultimate source of our anxiety and fear. That we or our loved ones are vulnerable to an invisible virus that could arrive at anytime and cause harm. Our obsessiveness of what could occur makes us feel that we are limited and that the virus is more powerful than us. But know that in our action-taking, we claim some of our power back. It starts with information. Prayer is also powerful – some examples.
  2. Continue to be an information gather – as anxiety-provoking as it might be to read the news and gather more information about the latest details, it is essential in keeping you and your community safe. Only with full information can you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and loved ones. In these small steps is where we can take control and gain power. Our collective actions can have bigger impact.
  3. Limit gathering to morning and night – I am checking details in the morning and before bed to get the full scope of developments. If seeing headlines cross your Apple News adds to your fear, disable them. Don’t overindulge in facts.
  4. Be prepared to make changes – this is a new disease, and we are in uncharted territory. Be prepared to be nimble and open to changes.
  5. Be an activist – if your school, church or child’s soccer team have not shared preparedness plans, be the one to ask for them. Even my pilates studio has a plan in place. Press others to proactively share and prepare.
  6. Do your affirmations – if this is your sort of thing, this is the time to ramp it up. Affirmations can ease your worries by increasing magnetism around positive thoughts, decreasing negativity. Prayer can do the same and helps us to connect to higher powers. Here are some affirmation suggestions (though I prefer those that start with I AM). The most important rule is to state (with high repetition) words that resonate with YOU.

“I AM choosing all of my thoughts about my body to be healthy and positive thoughts.” –Powerthoughts

“All is well in my world. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe!” – Louise Hay

“My mind, body and spirit work together to give my body health and to give my heart joy.” – Selfpause app

“I project the white light through my body to aid me in restoring health, vitality, and youthful beauty to my entire system.” – from Abraham-Hicks

In good health, Shibani

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