What Shibani’s Reading: EMF*D by Dr. Mercola


Friends, I am officially spooked. The more I read about EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures, the so-called low-level radiation emitted by our cell phones and Alexa-devices, deemed to be “harmless” to humans, the more I want to duck and cover.  

It seems, there is no place to hide: 

“Your Wi-Fi router, your computer, your smart meter, your appliances and even the wiring inside your walls are showering you with invisible frequencies that are doing biologic harm to your body and mind. And that doesn’t even include 5G.”

-Dr. Mercola

This is a huge topic in the health community right now.  Dr. Joseph Mercola believes EMFs are the “cigarettes of the 21st century” and has published EMF*D to make you aware of the hidden dangers and potential health affects of the technology we cannot live without. He also goes into details on how you can protect yourself.   

Dr. Mercola believes there is a link with the increase in EMFs and the disappearance in bees, increase in autism, rise of brain cancers and prevalence of Alzheimers.  This affects us all with our children the most vulnerable. 

EMFs were impacting my body’s function, I realized I had to take action.” 

– Dr. Mercola

Interestingly, my integrative physician sent me home with an EMF meter last year, which alerted me that I have a “dirty” home. 

Since that time, I have been taking small steps to mitigate the issue – smart covers for devices, Faraday boxes for my routers, timers to turn off certain devices at night and ensuring devices are far from my kids when they sleep at night. 

Doing something is better than doing nothing, experts tell me.

Dr. Mercola shares a comprehensive list of things we can do to protect ourselves in the book, including supplements and wellness tactics.

Remember that the human body is designed to adapt, so stay hopeful.

Happy reading!


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